Willy Wonka Slot Machine Golden Ticket

Willy Wonka Slot Machine Golden Ticket – Chicago – May 15, 2014 – WMS Games Inc., a Scientific Games company, announced today that a player hit a big jackpot on a WMS wide-area progressive game at the Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi on May 6, 2014 .For Stephen Schick of Deltona, Florida, his golden ticket came in the form of a $911,230.73 jackpot win on the WMS WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY™ slot machine.

Mr. Schick, a sheet metal fabricator, makes a trip to Biloxi each year to visit an old friend, and they took off at the Palace Casino Resort because it is the only non-smoking property on the Gulf Coast. He hopes to use his winnings to take his daughter and three grandchildren to Disney World, and to pay his taxes.

Willy Wonka Slot Machine Golden Ticket

Dean Ehrlich, WMS SVP of Global Gaming Operations, said, “Congratulations to the winner of this huge local progressive jackpot!

Scientific Games Premieres Groundbreaking Willy Wonka™ World Of Wonka Slot Game On The Amazing Gamescape™ Cabinet At Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

Has quickly become a player-favorite since its original release last June and is now offered in a 3-bar slot machine as well. We are happy to share this exciting event with New Palace Casino Resort. “

The game offers unique bonus rounds drawn directly from the classic motion picture. Powered by Sensory Immersion 2.0 motion chair, Chocolate River Bonus allows players to experience Wonkatania long dreams through exciting motion effects, and Elevator Bonus flies the player up above the factory like Charlie himself, taking Willy Wonka’s life white imagination. to the casino floor.

About WMS  WMS Gaming Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Scientific Gaming Company (the “Company”), is a leading supplier of innovative gaming products and services worldwide. The company designs, develops, manufactures, distributes and markets casino games and gaming machines, video lottery terminals and video game terminals. More information on WMS can be found at now.wms.com or visit the Company on Facebook®, Twitter® or YouTube®.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, is one of the leading licensing and retail organizations in the world.

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Our thoughts and condolences are with the royal family and the rest of the country in this sad time, after the death of Her Majesty the Queen. Scientific Games’ “World of Wonka” video slot machine debuts in western Pennsylvania at Rivers Casino. (Photo: Business Wire)

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The beloved world of late Gene Wilder brought to life in “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” can be experienced at Rivers Casino, with the modern western Pennsylvania location of Scientific Games’ new World of Wonka video slot device.

World Of Wonka Slot Machine! Big Win At Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

The new World of Wonka game takes players on an adventure through the amazing world of Willy Wonka. Along the way, players experience every kind of sweet treat imaginable, including chocolate fountains, edible flowers and, of course, Oompa Loompas. A wide variety of bonuses are offered, including Wonka Winko, Free Spins and Chocolate River Bonus – and you will not be in the World of Wonka without the Golden Ticket Bonus. The highly entertaining games are brought to life on vivid video screens that create an immersive experience for casino guests.

“We are excited to be the first in western Pennsylvania to offer guests the opportunity to play Wonka’s World,” said Craig Clark, general manager of Rivers Casino. “As the premier location for exciting new games, Rivers Casino reaffirms its commitment to providing guests with new experiences – both on and off the gaming floor.”

The World of Wonka, by Scientific Games, is built on the new Gamescape cabinet, which features three clear, high-definition displays at an angle to the player, a 40-inch upper screen and a 10.4 ergonomic tablet touch panel control. -inch, so players have experience. feeling wrapped in the magical world of Wonka. The Gamescape platform also incorporates new motion sensor technology, allowing seamless interaction between the player’s hand and the game.

Rivers Casino offers a wide variety of entertainment options, including “Live on the River” free summer game series and stand-up comedy program “A Funny Thing Happened at Rivers Casino” Hosted by local comedian T-Robe. The casino features more than 2,900 slot machines, 92 table games and a 30-table poker room. Rivers is also hosting a special ticket concert with Donnie Iris and the Cruisers on Saturday, July 29, at 8 p.m.

Willy Wonka Dream Factory

Opened in 2009, Rivers Casino has been voted “Best Place to Work” in the Pittsburgh Business Times, “Top Workplace” in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Best Visual Gaming Area” in Pennsylvania by Casino Sports Magazine and “Most Overall Casino” in Pennsylvania by Strictly Slots magazine. The casino features more than 2,900 slots, 92 table games, a 30-table poker room, nine restaurants and bars, a riverside amphitheater, a multi-purpose event space, live music, free parking and multiple advertising and daily offers. . Already, more than $631 million in jackpots have been awarded to players at Rivers Casino. For more information, visit www.riverscasino.com. Just the thought of winning the top prize at Willy Wonka Casino can motivate a player to bet all his credits for a chance to win the jackpot. All top players are guilty of the pleasure of betting ridiculous amounts of credits just to feel the pleasure of doubling your bet or going home with nothing at all. Watching your wheels spin can feel like life even if it’s only for a few minutes when everything you currently own is on the line in this game.

Even though the idea of ​​betting higher to get more prizes is a reasonable thought, there are smarter approaches to make your dream of winning the jackpot more realistic. Real professionals know that when it comes to casinos, there are certain rules and regulations that they need to follow so that they don’t lose everything by going blindly. Let’s face it. Unless you are the very embodiment of luck itself, there are times where we lose more credits than we win them.

It can be pretty tempting to bet a large amount of your credits due to being a winning prize for a payline. On the other hand, players still feel that it is a bit scary to place a bet higher than a certain amount because they feel that it will make them lose all their credits. Both of these considerations make sense but if you want a faster but more secure way of getting credits regularly, you should follow a threshold when making your bets.

A good way for you to win big prizes in a safe way is to always bet 5% of your credits. This number allows you to win a large amount of credits but gives you enough rewards for a chance to win back your losses. Remember that if you decide to follow this method, you will need to actively change your bet amount every few rounds to adjust accordingly. This means that whether you are winning or losing, your bet changes to use 5% every time.

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Choosing the right level is an important part of the game. Certain levels can give you an advantage based on a smaller bet, specifically, levels on higher levels which have a higher payout compared to levels on lower levels. The higher you climb the ladder, the better the prizes will be as well. Once you reach a floor, you will find that the big wins on the lower floors are only standard bets on the current floor available.

The main purpose of using tiered benefits is to change your chances of winning. In the Willy Wonka Trainer’s Guide, it is mentioned that different levels have different level bonuses. Studying these level bonuses will give you a better chance to understand how the wheels work and decide which levels are best for you. Of course, winning on these levels also depends on luck.

Playing on a slot machine can feel like a drag. When you get to this point, it’s time to refresh your mental state by trying some of the mini games available in the lobby. This can be a good way to extend your playing time so that you can rediscover some motivation to play the game again sometime. Not to mention it’s a good chance to earn some credits on the side.

There are many minigames in Willy Wonka Casino. Some of them are completely unrelated to slot machines and will not cost you your credits. Others are only promotional items but they are still fun even if you can only play them for a limited number of times per day. These mini games change every time the game introduces a new event or update.

Willy Wonka Slot Machine

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