Wonderlands Slot Machine

Wonderlands Slot Machine – The biggest secrets of the electronics industry are waiting to be discovered by journalists from around the world at CES. Deep within the Las Vegas Convention Center are marvels of technology and entertainment, waiting to amaze people hoping to catch a glimpse of the future. But I, as the intrepid and ever-attentive reporter, discovered the true secret of high tech here in the desert – not at the convention center. No, the most impressive display of next-gen technology can be found in these wonderful devices occupied almost constantly by 60-year-old hopefuls – Vegas slot machines.

As the team walked through the Venetian to see the opening of Food 2012, a gleaming slot machine caught my eye. Now I’m not a player, but shiny things are always relevant to my interests. I walked over to the whirling, tinkling thing and noticed two things. First, it was an Alice in Wonderland themed game that, despite Brian’s talk, made it awesome. Second, display technology was

Wonderlands Slot Machine

. And I’m not talking about those kinds of cheesy slot machines that have animated sequences when you spin them. No, this is a real cutting edge thing. I’m serious- Alice in Wonderland Slots is going to blow her mind.

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Alice has an impressive array of imaging technology. The top of the machine combines physical and video effects, with cutouts of characters moving in a 3D scene combined with various video components that show animated sequences that dynamically change based on what is happening in the game. As impressive as the top is, the real killer is the spinning slot reels themselves. Using traditional physical barrel spools, it doesn’t look like much at first glance. In motion, however, Alice is a game changer. Utilizing a thin, transparent LCD overlay, win lines, elaborate bonuses and elegant animations are played on top of the spinning reels. The whole thing is quite impressive to witness, and it left us all stunned. This is alien technology. You can’t explain it.

And then there were the buttons. Oh, the buttons! Each of the greasy plastic buttons on the machine used to place bets had an LCD display underneath that changed contextually. Forget the Optimus keyboard junk, it’s real-life LCD buttons employed in a real-world use case. When her grandmother goes to bet on the Cheshire Cat, she’ll never realize that the tiny button she’s pressing contains more technology than the original Gameboy had in its entirety.

We ended up walking away from Alice because Brian’s two dollars were gobbled up by the Queen of Hearts (OUT HER WALLET, she yelled at us). We soon found a Ghostbusters-themed slot machine. Hey, 25 years is the perfect time when it becomes appropriate to milk a classic franchise in a gaming environment. Drawn in by the allure of the green Slimer mug next door, we walked over to the machine only to be surprised again. These slots, fully digital in function, used a dual-layer LCD display. It doesn’t sound all that fancy, of course, but believe me, seeing this beast in action was crazy enough to make you drop your balls. When you spun, everything looked normal, as if you were playing regular digital slots. But when the reel stopped at a bonus of any kind, the second layer came to life with an animated version of what had spun. It was 3D stereoscopy without glasses (the 3DS was late to the party, Ghostbusters Slots even says FIRST). It was a very subtle effect that added so much to the experience in a way that no one will ever notice or appreciate.

Everyone at CES is so excited to see the latest in iPod cases, or mobile devices with Netflix, and cars doing tech stuff (Lamborghini can play Angry Birds now!) The slot machine capabilities are mind-blowing and nobody cares. We should be excited, writing articles that give props to these manufacturers who distributed these fantastic machines. For all their incredible capabilities, I fear that fancy slot machines are bound to be noticed only by elderly people hoping to make easy money. It all serves to remind me that there is no justice in this world.

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— Home to the Big Beef Burrito since 8-8-2000, fool. A Short-Media Community © 2003–2022. Powered by <3 from Vanilla & WordPress.If you've ever traveled to Las Vegas, you know it's full of bright lights, video poker, and rude tourists. But did you also know that it is full of things to see and do from Alice in Wonderland? We are full of ways to find Alice in Wonderland in Las Vegas. For example, you could:

There are three different types of Alice in Wonderland slot machines: Alice’s Wonderland by IGT, and Alice and the Enchanted Mirror and Alice and the Mad Tea Party by WMS. WMS slot machines are much easier to find. Both Enchanted Mirror and Mad Tea Party slots are at Ballys, Harrah’s, Paris, Planet Hollywood and The Quad in Las Vegas. And great news, they are all penny slots! I even found a penny Enchanted Mirror machine at the elegant Bellagio, located just outside the Le Cirque restaurant. No, I didn’t. I didn’t even get a bonus round.

Hey! Lady behind me! I’m trying to take a picture for my Alice in Wonderland blog, knock!

Since you’re playing the slots at Bellagio, why not visit the Botanical Gardens? The Bellagio changes the garden theme five times a year. Chinese New Year, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter all have their own dazzling displays. I don’t know if they’ve already decorated it with an official Alice in Wonderland theme, but with giant flowers, mushrooms, fountains and topiaries, it doesn’t even have to be official! No matter what season you visit, you’ll feel like little Alice stepping into the vast and beautiful gardens of the Queen of Hearts. Unless you visit from January to mid-March for the Chinese New Year display, of course. There’s not much connection with Alice there.

Verona, New York, Usa, November 3,2014. Turning Stone Resort And Casino. Alice In Wonderland Electronic Slot Machine Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 33686684

Pink. Rabbit. Lie. at The Cosmopolitan definitely has an Alice in Wonderland vibe, it’s a little hard to figure out. What is perfect! Everything about this place is mysterious and cool. The menu is sealed with wax. The boards don’t match. You can be sitting in the library, in the office, or in the music room. A chocolate terrarium is for dessert.

Plus, the staff is friendly and there’s nightly entertainment. The food managed to please my plebeian palate and also that of the professional chef I was with (who couldn’t keep the smile off his face the entire night). I was crazy about the lobster cocktail with avocado mousse, while my seatmates raved about the Pot au Pho and surprises on the tasting menu. But what impressed me most about Rose. Rabbit. Lie. it was the crowd. It was incredibly diverse – the tables around us included young Asian girls dancing to the music, a middle-aged white couple taking their daughter for her birthday, a proud black couple and a few dresses for the -nine latina babes- and absolutely everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives. Turns out, a fall down the rabbit hole is for everyone!

. I already did it here. But suffice it to say… If you’re into wildly talented singers and dancers, gorgeous makeup and costumes, and explosive musical numbers, you

If you’re not intrigued by what’s going on here, you and I have very little in common.

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P.s. Went to ALICE again in April 2016! Read our new ALICE A Steampunk Concert Fantasy Review with lots of pretty pictures.

Did I miss something Alice in Wonderland in Las Vegas? What do you do when you visit Sin City? (Only PG rated answers, please.)

A stylist from Las Vegas recently got in touch to let me know about her fabulous line of couture/punk rock clothing and accessories, featured in this Alice in Wonderland photo shoot from The Odd Portrait. What better way to dress up for an Alice in Wonderland day in Las Vegas?

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