Zeus Unleashed Slot Machine For Sale

Zeus Unleashed Slot Machine For Sale – Zeus and Kronos are themes that have a long history in the WMS portfolio and in the science games space. Although Zeus and Kronos were originally developed as separate games in the portfolio, in recent years the games have been paired as sister themes in a number of games, most recently Zeus and Kronos Unleashed.

The Unleashed games are direct sequels to the previous pair of games, Zeus. Son of Kronos and Kronos. Father of Zeus, which had a 40 line game format.

Zeus Unleashed Slot Machine For Sale

On the old game you had the normal base bet and the Over/Better option. Basic and over/better bet have identical bets on both old and new options.

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In comparison, this 60-line game is one of the more/better games I’ve talked about before, but in a three-tier version;

With the base game and over/better bets identical to both the original and the sequel, you spread the same bet over 50 percent more lines in the Unleashed series, resulting in 30-60 percent higher payouts. , depending on the symbol. With pairs or more ordered symbols, this seems to make new lines more unstable.

Meanwhile, notice that all the betting benefits come in Lightning Respin. It doesn’t give you much of a chance to trigger the free spins bonus, although that improved Lightning Respin feature is included in the free spins.

This gives players a choice between two subtly different versions as opposed to just being clones, which is a nice touch. The previous games were handled in the same way.

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The basic concept of the Lightning Respin feature works in the same way as the original Zeus/Cronus pair. You spin to get as many Zeus/Cronus symbols as possible.

Like the previous game, any time at least one symbol lands, you get another spin. A total of three dead spins with no added symbols completes the Lightning Respin round. To add some tension, when you’re on your last spin, three tokens will slow down and either hit or not, at least one landing means you get another spin during the spin.

Power-ups are a new feature of the Unleashed Series, except for advanced ones, but this one has a new twist. The enhancements are:

Three or more free spin symbols trigger the free spin bonus. The number of spins you get is based on where the free spins symbols land, which has several implications.

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This unique way of calculating free spins makes the game interesting, adds some volatility and is ultimately a good way to keep the player interested.

Lightning respins seem to be much more likely during free spins, but I’ve certainly had free spin bonuses where they don’t appear. The free spins bonus has a bonus guarantee of 5x your total bet.

Two new Unleashed themes have been released recently that offer some differences in Lightning Respin features, but otherwise follow the core program. I’ll review Medusa Unleashed and Athena Unleashed separately in a future post, but this is an interesting way to create another direct continuation of the series vs. Zeus/Kronos, and again presents a subtle variation vs. making direct clones.

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Following Zeus Son of Cronus and the original classic Zeus, Zeus Unleashed is very similar to the latest title in the family, with primary power-ups during the Respin Feature. Like Zeus Son of Kronos, you can play the game in one of two ways. Standard or More Lightning, where the latter will trigger the Lightning Respin feature if 6 or more Zeus symbols land on spin 1. It’s worth it. , essentially double your bet. If you are not using this feature, you must land a full 1 Zeus for the Lightning Respin Feature to occur.

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